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Luana Bambao

Owner/Artistic Director/Dance Instructor

Luana has been a Professional Polynesian Dancer for more than 30 years. She started dancing and training at an adolescent age to which she’s performed and traveled to various countries within the Pacific Islands since the age of thirteen. Luana has performed on numerous cruise lines as a Polynesian Dance Entertainer, with cruise lines such as the Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival Cruises, and Royal Caribbean with her old dance troupe Spirit of Polynesia. She’s also performed for countless private and public events within Northern and Southern California.

Throughout her dancing career, Luana has also competed in various Tahitian Solo Dance competitions and has placed in amateur and advance categories.

In 2000, under the direction of Spirit of Polynesia, Luana started teaching dance classes at the GVRD Vallejo Community Center. She assisted with the dance program for 6 years. After 2006, she took a break from teaching to start a family. Today, Luana continues to dance and was also given the blessing from her retired director to pass on Spirit of Polynesia legacies and opened her own dance group.

The name of her performance group is Ke aka o Polynesia, in translation “The essence or reflection of Polynesia”. Luana’s passion and aspirations of dancing and teaching amongst the years have inspired her to pass on the Polynesian dance culture to the younger generations.

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