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Laura Encarnacion

Dance Instructor 


Laura has been dancing with various Polynesian dance groups throughout the Bay Area for over 20 years. Having trained under the direction of Kimo Baird of Spirit of Polynesia, she has performed throughout northern California as well as on-board cruise ships travelling to Hawaii and Tahiti. She has additionally trained and competed under the direction of the Kricken Family of Ta’ere Tia’i.


As a member of Legacies of the Pacific, a non-profit group founded by Nina Diamzon that aims to connect multiple Pacific Islander organizations throughout California, Laura is provided many opportunities to share experiences with groups such as Merahi O Tehani of Hayward (under Julie Bugarin) and Aloha Polynesia of Sacramento (under Tyra Manuarii and Cheryl Fulkerson). She also continues to learn and train under the cultural advisement of Lyntina Perry of Rangikura in Tahiti.

Laura currently assists Luana Bambao in artistic direction, training, and choreography as a dance instructor for the performance group of Ke Aka o Polynesia.

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